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VigRX Delay Spray


Premature ejaculation and penile sensitivity are some of the common issues, which are facing by many men. Most of the men are tend to ejaculate earlier than they had like to do. Many men try to hold back their orgasm, but reaching it in one or two minutes is the standard. There is a study show that most of the women like intercourse for 20 minutes, but most of the men will reach their orgasm within 2 minutes.


And 41%of women all around the world are telling that they are not satisfied with the sex. Most of the men could not satisfy their wives in bed, and most of the women want their partner to long-lasting performance and indulge in more caresses and kissing, to make sure that multiple orgasms for her and they need to show better ejaculatory control. For an unusual sexual experience, these are the exact requirements. But most of the men are having a problem in attaining all of them. They need help to accomplish all these things, and they are like to search for a supplement, which will assist them to reach all the things, which a woman like to have from her partner.


To know about VigRX Delay Spray


10 minutes

Enhanced sexual stamina, increased pleasure


VigRX Delay Spray is the best product for people to overcome their sexual problems. A mild anesthetic is used in this product to desensitize the nerve in the penis. Individuals just need to spray it on their penis and rub it, and it will absorb into the penile tissue.


Benzocaine is the active ingredient used in this product, which tells the nerve on the penis to relax so that they can hold back their orgasm. Another ingredient used in this product is Lidocaine. It is a numbing agent, which is used in many delay gels and creams. It is stronger than benzocaine.


Individuals need to apply two to three sprays on their penis, and they need to wait for 10 minutes to absorb the spray in the penis. The effects of this spray will be different from men to men, but it typically lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. People can use it with other male enhancement products. Already this product will give the best result, and if they used it with another enhancement product, they would reach a higher level of their sexual performance.


Money back guarantee offer



People can buy this product from the official website, and if they order bulk product, they will get a discount for that. The company also are offering a money back guarantee. People those who are not satisfied by using the product can ask for a refund. They can try this product for 67 days, and if they are not feeling any improvement, they can request a refund.


People can buy this product without any prescription. People, who are interested in oral sex, can wash their penis after 10 minutes. There is no problem in removing the penis because the spray will absorb in the penis within 10 minutes. By using this product, men can satisfy their partner, and both of them can reach their climax happily.


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