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ProSolution Plus
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Ejaculation occurs when a man releases his semen. This process is usually accompanied by orgasm, which ensures pleasure. The longer men can last in bed, the higher satisfaction both partners can experience.


However, sometimes it happens that men cum in one or two minutes after penetration. If this occurs rarely, it may be caused by fatigue, stress, or embarrassment. But if you discharge your semen within a minute and cannot delay your ejaculation, every or almost every time, it may be a matter of concern.


Premature ejaculation occurs in one out of three men and usually leads to unsatisfactory sex for both partners. This can increase stress and anxiety in men, so you should address the issue as soon as possible.


Premature ejaculation is an easily treatable problem and can get better on its own. However, you may practice relaxation techniques, use distraction methods, and take natural supplements to avoid complications and improve your overall health, including sexual function.


Today, the male enhancement industry has a lot to offer men to treat sexual problems and promote their well-being. There is a great variety of supplements claiming to fight premature ejaculation, enhance sexual performance and ensure incredible sexual sensations. And DuraMale is one of the top premature ejaculation products.


About DuraMale


1 month

2 months

Average ejaculation retention time increases to 7 minutes; increased libido Improved sexual stamina, no stress and anxiety, stronger and firmer erections

6 months

12 months

Ejaculatory time extends to 16 minutes; improved fertility, more pleasurable orgasms Last up to 30 minutes, longer lasting orgasms


DuraMale is a powerful and completely natural formula designed to help men delay ejaculation and increase sexual satisfaction. This is an herbal remedy that contains the unique blend of botanicals acting to:


  1. Enhance, delay and control ejaculation;
  2. Boost libido;
  3. Improve sexual stamina;
  4. Increase erections;
  5. Promote male fertility;
  6. Provide progressive and permanent results.


The supplement is designed by the team of experienced herbal researchers, nutritional and health experts and pharmaceutical scientists who know male sexual needs and how to satisfy them. DuraMale works to prolong sexual intimacy and promote ejaculation control.


You will receive low prices, great discounts, and no side effects.


DuraMale in Action


DuraMale in Action


Male health and well-being are of high importance to the company, and the team of professional herbalists and doctors has dedicated a lot of time and efforts to formulate a safe, natural and efficient remedy. DuraMale aims at combating a common male problem called premature ejaculation. The experts investigated an enormous amount of plants and selected the most potent herbs to address the problem.


DuraMale helps ensure high results by relaxing the body and mind, boosting mood and energy, and alleviating fatigue and anxiety. It stimulates more blood to flow to the phallus and causes firm, hard, and long-lasting erections. Thus, men can delay and control ejaculation prolonging pleasure and satisfaction.


Men are recommended taking one capsule twice a day after meals. If you miss your dose, you may take it as soon as you remember. High and permanent results require regular and disciplined use.


Results may vary as our bodies and condition severities are different. But tests showed that the pills could prolong sexual performance:


  1. up to 7 minutes within the first month of use;
  2. up to 13 minutes within three months;
  3. up to 16 minutes within six months.


DuraMale is formulated with the highest care about men’s health and well-being. It contains safe herbs that do not cause any side effects or adverse reactions. The manufacturer follows international safety and hygiene standards to satisfy its customers.


The supplement is not recommended for men under 18 and men with hypersensitivity to its ingredients.


DuraMale Formula


DuraMale Formula


Each pill is the blend of nature:


  1. Indian Gooseberry (110 mg): A potent aphrodisiac is useful in fighting premature ejaculation. It helps increase semen quality and sperm count. Indian Gooseberry possesses antioxidant and antidepressant activities that improve energy, libido, and stamina.
  2. Elephant Creeper (90 mg): It acts as general and brain tonic and an aphrodisiac. The herb improves sperm count, possesses anti-stress, nootropic, antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties.
  3. Indian Ginseng (85 mg): The Ayurvedic medicine perfectly promotes overall health, increases longevity, and prevents diseases. It has potent aphrodisiacal properties, which rejuvenate the body and boost sex drive and sexual performance in men. Indian Ginseng has been traditionally used to increase vigor, strength, and endurance.
  4. Pellitory (30 mg): The herb is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine as a general tonic and an aphrodisiac. It can delay ejaculation enhancing sexual performance. Pellitory improves spermatogenesis and sperm count.
  5. Nutmeg (30 mg): This aromatic plant is an excellent aphrodisiac that increases libido, potency, and stamina. Nutmeg helps stimulate the nervous system and has antidepressant properties. It prolongs sexual performance by delaying ejaculation.
  6. Tailed Pepper (30 mg): It contains Akarkarbhadi Churna, an essential element that fights premature ejaculation. This pepper is a potent aphrodisiac and acts as an anti-oxidant. Its fruits are often used to fresh mouth.
  7. Clove (25 mg): The plant is an excellent stimulant and possesses antispasmodic and carminative properties. Clove enhances libido and stamina, relieves stress and fatigue, and relaxes the body.


Places to Purchase DuraMale


About DuraMale


VitoPharma is an official manufacturer that offers excellent prices. You will pay $54.95 per bottle and receive great discounts if you buy more:


  1. $89.95 for 2 bottles;
  2. $129.95 for 3 bottles;
  3. $239.95 for 6 bottles;
  4. $349.95 for 9 bottles.



If you order a 6-month supply and more, you will get free shipping. You will receive your order within 15 days if delivered by Registered Mail, or in a week by Express Mail. All packages are discreet and compact, so no one will know what you receive inside.


Privacy is strictly respected. The online security system is equipped with 256-bit key encryption system ensuring that all your personal information and transactions are kept confidential and protected.


The company provides 24/7 support by e-mail or phone. You may contact agents from the customer service to receive professional advice in the best manner.


VitoPharma is highly respected among clients who have tried DuraMale all over the world. But if you are not satisfied with your gains, you may return your purchase within 30 days and get a full refund (excluding shipping and handling fees).


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