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Detailed review of Delay

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Delay is a male supplement designed for preventing premature ejaculation. It is made by combining several natural ingredients, and manufacturers claim that this product is great for those men that want to last longer in bed. You can buy Dela directly from the manufacturer’s website for a price of $200 for six month supply. It comes with 60-day money back guarantee, and it is claimed that Delay is proven to be effective for over 90% of the users that have tried it. However, you should use the pills for up to six months before seeing the best results.


The herbal ingredients inside Delay pills are working towards regulating the production of specific hormones inside the body that are responsible for ejaculation. When the production of these particular hormones is boosted over an extended period, you will no longer have problems with premature ejaculation. Then, you can enjoy having stronger erections that will last longer, and you will not ejaculate prematurely. This product claims that it directly affects the sexual organs and the hormones responsible for their proper functioning. At manufacturer`s website, there are some positive testimonials from people that have already used this product, so it should be a good male supplement to use.


Delay ingredients


Active ingredients inside Delay pills are the following:


  1. Tribulus Terrestris,
  2. Wild Yam,
  3. Black Musale,
  4. Passion Flower,
  5. Dodder seed,
  6. Cnidium Monnieri,
  7. Cardamom,
  8. Ashwagandha,
  9. Zinc Oxide.


There are not many explanations about the specific ingredients and how they work on manufacturer`s website, but most of these components are well known for their good benefits they provide for male sexual health.



The good thing about this male supplement is that there are many positive testimonials from men that have tried the product. You can easily buy these pills online, and they come in discrete packaging. The 60-day money back guarantee is another plus, and the list of ingredients is pretty good. A couple of drawbacks are that some people may find this product a bit more expensive than other similar products. Also, although there are claims on the manufacturer`s website that Delay pills have been clinically tested – there is no evidence for that.


Overall, this male supplement is a solid alternative for battling the problems with premature ejaculation. The fact that over 90% of people have been satisfied with the results and the money back guarantee are great reasons why you should try Delay pills. Several great natural ingredients inside this product make it safe to use. You do not have to worry about any side effects, but this product is not as effective and powerful as other similar male supplements you can find on the market.


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