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Detailed review of X4 Peyronie’s Device

American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction American Board of Urology

Peyronie’s disease


Peyronie’s disease is a severe male problem and impacts various aspects of life. Not just the sexual life is affected, but this disease also took a toll on one’s regular life as well. It occurs in the penis and is caused by scar tissue which causes the penis to bend/curve upwards or sideways. Most of the men with this condition can still have sex and carry out regular bodily functions. For some, it is quite painful, and there are ways to fix it. The situation could go away by itself, nevertheless, and surgery is not always necessary. There are several penis traction devices on the market which can help treat this problem quickly, and one of these is Peyronie’s device.


How it works



X4 Labs Peyronie’s device(Deluxe) is a very efficient and clinically tested system which works for any or all of the following symptoms:


  1. Curvature to the left or right, up or down; 
  2. High plaque deposits or scar tissue buildup;
  3. Shortened penis;
  4. Pain during erections;
  5. Weak erection;
  6. Lack of desire.




    There are 2 different treatment plans available to those with Peyronie’s. After diagnosis, a treatment plan is then chosen or prescribed. Both treatment methods use the device which helps in correcting curvature quickly.


    1. The first treatment plan involves straightening curvature in the penis. This is highly effective in reducing discomfort, improving erections and eventually helping in maintaining and supercharging sexual desire.
    2. The second plan treats Peyronie’s disease by reducing scar tissue and plaque build-up in the penis, straightening the curvature and helping men lead an ordinary life.


    Benefits of using an X4 Labs Peyronie’s Device(Deluxe edition)


    1 month

    3 months


    Penis curvature reduced by 10%


    Improved sexual desire



    Penis curvature reduced by 30%


    Harder erections


    6 months

    12 months


    Penis curvature reduced by 60%


    Longer and thicker erections



    Penis curvature reduced by 100%


    Longer, straighter penis




    One of the major advantages of this device is that it has been clinically tested and proven very effective in treating this problem.  It helps to hold the penis straight and supplies traction steadily without hurting too much.  Since the penis is curved on one side, the other side will feel the effects of the instrument.  One result is that stretching encourages cell duplication and new cells to form.  Over time, the stunted side straightens out to look normal and function normally as well.


    Some of the components that are part of the package are the traction device, directional straightener, perfect grip, multi-head, comfort foam and latex comfort strips and spare parts.  The entire kit is highly customizable to suit an individual’s needs.  Other items included in the package are an instructional DVD, Vitamin E oil, a supply of amino acid and a host of other supplements which help in reducing scar tissue, etc.  Get the help you need to live a normal and fulfilled life. So, what are you still thinking about? It is time to get started to lead a sexually content life. 

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    I gained 1.7 inches in only 5 months! This is a great result for me. My wife can't beleive it too. My sex performance is also better than before. Orgasms are more powerful.


    I wear this extender 4 hours a day and just after 1 month I noticed some positive changes. No pain, no discomfort.

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