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Vimax Extender


Are you ashamed of your penis? Do you want to change your sex life improving your sexual health? Do you want to impress women like in your teens or even more? It is high time to stop hesitating and take radical measures to boost your sexual power, performance, and endurance.

However, the question is how to choose an effective product that can help enhance your manhood without causing any harm or injuries. The male enhancement industry offers various devices and other products that claim to be the best and start working overnight. But as the reality shows, most of them appear to be faked. When making your choice, you should remember that no pump, extender or pill can ensure quick results. You are recommended choosing a company with the qualified support team, high ratings, clinical trials, and positive customers’ reviews. Vimax Extender seems to be one that meets all user requirements. Let’s see in detail how it works.


What Vimax Extender Is


  1. Add up to 3 inches in the length of the penis;
  2. Enhance the penis in girth;
  3. Reduce penile curvature;
  4. Improve performance in bed;
  5. Boost male self-confidence and self-esteem.


How Vimax Extender Works


How Vimax Extender Works


This penis enlargement device works by applying a traction technique that is used in modern medicine (to improve the growth of bones in orthopedic surgery, to expand tissues for hiding skin defects or hair loss in plastic surgery, etc.). 


Vimax Extender is designed not to apply high pressure to your penis damaging it but to use those areas that can easily be stretched.

When you get erected, your brain releases the respective hormones that stimulate the blood flow to your penis filling the erectile tissues in the corpora cavernosa. When these penile chambers are full of blood, it results in the erection. We can state that the size of your penis is limited by the capacity of your corpora cavernosa. To enlarge it, you should increase your erectile tissue.


Vimax Extender works by applying gentle pressure along the shaft of your penis and extending the penis tissues. This process can ensure that more blood flows to your genitalia, the spongy tissues absorb more blood, and your penis becomes larger and fuller.


Also, stretching results in cell division – one penile cell produces two cells increasing the size of your manhood.


How Vimax Extender Works


As your penis obtains the additional tissue, the enlargement results are permanent and will not disappear even when you stop using the device.


The clinical studies have shown that Vimax Extender can also help men who are suffering from penile curvature. The improvements have been gained between 50% and 90%. In other words, these men may expect the curvature reduction by up to 90%.


How to Use Vimax Extender


Vimax Extender


This penis enlargement device is simple in use – you don’t need a lot of efforts to apply it to your penis.


When you start, you should know your penis measurement (length and circumference) to make the extender fit it. You may take a ruler or a tailor’s tape (the best option) and measure the length of your penis from its base to its head, and the girth in the middle of the shaft. Remember that your penis should be flaccid.


Now, when you know your size, you can adjust the device to your penis by using extension rods. The size of the extender should be calculated from the base of the plastic ring to the upper part of an extension rod. Please do not worry if you find that the device does not fit you. The company provides various elongation bars, which can be adjusted to any size of the penis.




And you are ready to wear Vimax Extender. Please insert your penis (when flaccid) into the plastic ring – it should be placed at the base of your manhood. Then press the extender against your body and adjust the elongation bars to feel comfortable. You are recommended pulling your gland through the loop caused by the silicone band with your fingers.


The device can be used by both circumcised and non-circumcised men. In the first case, you should put the silicone band on top of your foreskin, while in the second case, you can roll your foreskin back before you connect the band. When done, the loop should be narrowed to fix the device on your penis. The loop should be tight enough to avoid the slipping off your glans. Please do not go too far – you should feel comfortable. When it is fixed, you should connect the ends of the bands with their support to secure the loop.


Now your penis enlargement device is fixed comfortably and correctly, and you can start the stretching process. The traction force adapts to the size of the extender automatically. The force applied is gentle, and the materials are safe so they cannot injure your penis. Vimax Extender is small, and it can fit your palm and, respectively, your pocket.


You are recommended wearing the device for 4 to 6 hours every day to achieve the highest effect. But you should take breaks by removing the extender from your penis and massaging your manhood. This helps your body get relaxed and have a rest.


Vimax Extender results


You should be patient as the extender doesn’t work overnight but gradually improves your sexual health and increases the size of your manhood. The company says that 6 months of the regular use can add 3 inches in length.


Bottom Line

Vimax Extender is a device that can pleasantly surprise you. Customers’ reviews vary: most users report about positive changes in both girth and length while some of them have gained no improvement.


You can buy the extender via the official website $99.95. The company offers a 6-month money back guarantee – enough to try how the product work and whether it ensures results. Otherwise, you may send your order back and get your refund. So, there is no reason not to give it a try.  

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Vimax extender is easy to use and comfortable. I startes to see first results after one months of wearing the device. My girlfriend also noticed positive changes.


This extender works wonders. I gained an 1 inch in erect state after 3 months of use. The customer service is good.


I want to thank for such amazing product! I always dreamt about bigger penis and now my dream come true.

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