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$ 199.95 - Value edition
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$ 299.95 - Ultimate system
$ 299.95 - Peyronie's edition
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Quick Extender Pro
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Money back: 180 days
Success rate: 95 %
First results: 30 days
Max results: 180 days
Approved by: Jake Benson
Expert rating: 10/10
Discreet packaging: Yes
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A quick note from Dr. Anil Dassi, MCh Sizegenetics is the oldest product on the market. It's well researched and tested by millions of men. You can add 1.8 inches to your penis size in a few months
Jake Benson
Detailed review of SizeGenetics

Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon

Are you sick and tired of sexual problems? Are you dreaming about sex like in your teens? Do you wish to impress your partner with a full and large penis and long-lasting endurance? Now, it is possible without any risky and dangerous surgeries, exhausting penis enhancement exercises, and other expensive things that offer great deals but show poor results.

Now, you should choose a penis enlargement device that is effective and powerful and – at the same time – safe and secure. The first you should do is to verify the rating and goodwill of the manufacturer, read customers’ reviews about the company and the product, and check the materials. 


When the results of your inspection are satisfactory, you can be sure that the device is safe and effective. SizeGenetics seems to be the one that works and meets medical standards. Let’s check it how it works, what results does it produces, what gains to expect, how to buy it.


What is SizeGenetics device? Expert's review



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SizeGenetics is a penis enlargement device designed by highly qualified experts with long experience and based on thorough studies. The extender takes into account customers’ wishes and recommendations. Also, it is classified as a CE-certified Type 1 Medical Device meaning that the extender meets all medical standards and FDA regulations and is approved by doctors to be used in surgery, physical therapy, and treatment. All these facts prove that the extender can be used safely and cannot harm your health or injure your penis.


  That’s why the company claims that its high-quality product can:


  1. Add some inches to the length of the penis;
  2. Increase the penis in circumference;
  3. Correct penile curvature;
  4. Improve sexual performance and, consequently, boost male self-confidence.


And most of the users say that these claims are true, and the company keeps its promises. You can look at before and after SieGenetics pictures to see, that it's working.


How does SizeGenetics work


How SizeGenetics Works

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This penis extender works like you in the gym when lifting weights. When you attach SizeGenetics to your penis, it starts training your penis muscles and tissues by applying gentle but constant pressure to your manhood and stretching your erectile tissue in the corpora cavernosa. The corpora cavernosa are two penile chambers, which fill with blood and cause erections when you get aroused.


The extension causes micro tears, and the cells in these chambers are divided. When the healing process takes place, the cells are restored, and new ones are created. The bigger corpora cavernosa become, the larger your penis is. Besides, they can accumulate more blood and, thus, ensure harder and firmer erections.


The SizeGenetics penis extender provides 2,800 grams of traction tension that is almost 50% more than other top-rated products have. Therefore, you can enlarge your manhood faster and achieve better results.


SizeGenetics results


Doctors also recommend that men who are suffering from Peyronie’s disease(penis curvature) use this traction device. Peyronie’s disease(curved penis) is a condition when a plaque, a fibrous scar tissue, is developed inside the penis causing penile curvature, short, soft, and painful erections and lower sexual performance. As a medically approved and certified device, SizeGenetics helps men overcome this problem and reduce penis curvature by up to 90% - excellent results that are confirmed by customers with successfully straightened penises. You can read forums and reddit to get more info from real customers.


This magic extender also helps men with micro penises. Micropenis syndrome is a condition when a penis is smaller than a standard size (2.8 inches length in adults) and which can cause, among others, erection, performance and fertility problems. The SizeGenetics support team will professionally help you choose the device and consult on how you should use it to combat the disease.


How to Use SizeGenetics (instruction)


The company offers its customers three packages:


SizeGenetics Value Edition

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SizeGenetics Value Edition

    is the simplest package that includes a basic penis enlargement device without any extra accessories and elements. This option offers one medical extender, 1in and 2in elongation bars, a comfort pad and a strip, and the DVD instructions.


SizeGenetics Comfort Package

    is an advanced edition that includes one medical device, 58-way ultimate comfort system, and 3 sizes of elongation bars. Thus, it will fit any size of the penis and help better and more comfortably make your dreams come true.


SizeGenetics Ultimate System

      is the fullest package, with which you can gain higher and quicker results. In addition to the components of the previous edition, it also includes new 3M advanced comfort plasters, MDA multi-directional headpiece, an aftercare moisturizer, cleaning wipes, luxury leather case, and e-books and DVD instructions that assist you gaining the heights. The Ultimate System offers everything you need to enlarge your penis. The Traction Plus powder is used to prevent your penis from slipping out of the device while Revita Cream helps soothe your manhood after the session.


SizeGenetics results

The company offers you a 58-way ultimate comfort system. In other words, you can wear the extender in 58 different ways. This ensures comfort for every man by adjusting the device to your needs.


If you use the SizeGenetics on a regular basis, you can add up to three inches to your penis. You should be patient as the device requires time to stretch your tissues. But most customers report positive changes and are satisfied with their new-looking penises.


Bottom Line


1 month

2 months

+0.5 inches to your penis length

+0.2 inches to your penis girth

+1 inch to your penis length

+0.4 inches to your penis girth

6 months

12 months

+2 inches to your penis length

+1.2 inches to your penis girth

+3.5 inches to your penis length

+1.8 inches to your penis girth


Based on the facts mentioned above, we can recommend the SizeGenetics device to you because it can actually: 


  1. Increase your penis;
  2. Reduce penile curvature;
  3. Combat the micropenis syndrome.




When such excellent gains are achieved, men feel higher libido, last longer in bed and enjoy better mood and self-esteem. Have you ever met a woman who does not like powerful and almighty men?

 How to Buy SizeGenetics

If you want to make your order, you should visit the official website as this is the safest place to purchase the extender. If you want to buy SizeGenetics on Amazon or eBay, Aliexpress you will not get the official warranty and discounts. You will pay officially $200 for the basic device, $350 for the advanced comfort, and $400 for the ultimate system.


The prices are high, but taking into account positive results, it is worth buying. Also, the company provides 6-month money back guarantee, and you have time to give it a try without losing your money. 

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This extender not only increased my penis length and girth but also improved me stamina. I get unbelievanle enjoyment in bed.


I wear sizegenetics extender few hours in the morning and in the evening. It is easy to use and very comfortable. I see a visible growth after 3 months of use.


First I was skeptical about this product. I've tried so many different penis enlargement methods like pills, creams etc. but nothing helped me. I decided to buy this device because there are a lot of positive reviews on the Internet. And now I am happy with results and recommend everyone to try it.


Agreed those cheap penis extenders are a waste of money. Damn thing broke after one week of use and it hurt like hell. This time I spent a bit of money and got SizeGenetics, works like a charm. You relaly do get what you pay for!

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