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When any man is looking for a penis device that can help him improve his sexual health, he meets a dilemma. You should decide which brand to choose and which device can help. As today male enhancement market offers hundreds or thousands of products claiming to be the best, it is quite difficult to make the well-considered and correct choice. Here are some recommendations you should follow to buy an excellent product:


  1. Find out about a manufacturer;
  2. Check its clinical trial and research results;
  3. Read customers’ reviews.


The last can tell much more than any document.


To ease your work, we are going to overview PeniMaster, a top-rated penis expander, which seems to show real results.


What PeniMaster Is


1 month

2 months


+0.5 inches to your penis length
+0.1 inches to your penis girth


Strengthening of sexual desire



+1 inch to your penis length
+0.3 inches to your penis girth


Improved erectile function


6 months

12 months


+2 inches to your penis length
+0.7 inches to your penis girth


Improvement in the event of premature ejaculation



+3 inches to your penis length
+1 inch to your penis girth


Penis curves/deviations are visibly moderated; long-term elongation and thickening of the penis


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PeniMaster is a penis expander designed in Germany to make your manhood thicker and longer without exhausting exercise programs or risky, dangerous and expensive penis enhancement surgeries. Also, the device offers to recover or extend foreskin. This boosts male libido, increases sexual potency, improves erections and – what more pleasant – enhances self-confidence and self-esteem in men.

You can forget about a small penis or any complexes related to such thoughts.


The company offers PeniMaster and PeniMasterPRO expanders for you to gain the highest effect. Both devices can be used by circumcised and non-circumcised men of any age and with any size of the penis.


How PeniMaster Works


How PeniMaster Works


The principles of the work of PeniMaster are similar to other penis extenders. When you apply the device to your manhood, it stimulates certain pressure and tension. When used on a regular basis, the expander causes the creation of new cells in the penis – one cell is divided into two and so on. This leads to enlargement and thickening ensuring permanent results even after the course is finished.

Also, you will experience firmer and stronger erections due to better blood circulation and flow, reduced penis curvature, and higher sexual desire.

Your penis can become larger by 0.2 inches per month when flaccid, and 0.3 inches per month when erected. The treatment may take a couple of weeks to several months – it depends on your current state and expectations.


PeniMaster and PeniMasterPRO were both clinically tested, and doctor approved. They are made of high-quality materials that do not cause allergies or another discomfort.


How to Use PeniMaster


PeniMaster is a rod-based penis extender based on the holding belt technology while PeniMaster is a modular penis enlargement system with anatomically self-adapting connection to the glans of the penis.


PeniMaster includes the patented threaded rod expander, a base ring, an anatomic holding belt, fastening apertures, a safety clip, and length adjustment. When you receive the device, it is fully assembled. You should adjust the expander to the length your penis (stretched and flaccid) by using the extension rods.

When done, insert your penis into the ring and put the comfort belt around your manhood. Adjust the holding belt around the head of your penis and insert both its ends into the slots of the support base tightening your penis carefully. Connect the extension rods with the support base. Now, you are ready to start the enhancement process. You can wear the expander in the downwards or upwards direction.



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PeniMasterPRO includes an anatomic glans chamber, a sluice ring, a split adapter, a rotary valve, a pump ball application system, and a hose application system. To start the process of the penis elongation or penile treatment procedure, you should attach the fixation unit to your penis to allow force transfer.

The anatomically shaped hollow chamber works by connecting your glans and adhesion diaphragm with the help of a vacuum. Due to the inclined aperture, the foreskin frenulum remains outside of the vacuum area. The sluice made of high-quality latex prevents air penetration between the glans and the adhesion diaphragm. The ring is used to insert your glans into the sluice easily.

The adhesion diagram adapts to the shape and size of your glans and transfers the force to the penis. The adapter improves the fixing capacity and adjusts the device to the size of your penis as it goes in two different sizes.




To apply PeniMasterPRO to your penis, you may choose between the pump ball application system and the hose application system. The first requires only one hand, generates vacuum and overpressure, seals, opens and closes your glans automatically. The latter is an excellent very light-weighted and small alternative: the hose connector is attached to the extension hose, which allows intaking air into (overpressure) and releasing air from (vacuum) the glans chamber.


The rod expander is primarily designed to be used for home treatment while the belt extender allows using the device at night and during daily activities offering three holding options (shoulders, hips, and knees).


Both devices are designed to be worn underneath any pants. They will cause no discomfort or any other side-effects. PeniMaster is not recommended for night enlargements while PeniMasterPRO may be worn during the day or at night.


PenimasterPro belt extender


You are recommended wearing the expander every day for at least three hours. The longer you wear it, the better result you can achieve. You should make 15-minute breaks every 60 or 90 minutes to ensure enlargement. Massage will improve blood circulation during such breaks. When you get used to the device, you may wear it as long as you want. There are no time limits, and adequate enlargement results are achieved if you wear the expander for at least 6 hours a day.


Both devices are easily cleaned. They require no time to get used to them though you need some efforts to deal with PeniMaster. The official website provides spare parts accessorize and you may order it easily.


Bottom Line


PeniMaster is a top-rated expander that keeps its promises and improves men’s sex life. It helps thicken and elongate your penis, enlarge your glans, treat Peyronie’s disease, reduce consequences of urological surgeries, and improve the erectile function. Hundreds of customers are satisfied with the results and recommend buying it. The company offers the three-week money back guarantee – and you may return the product if the gains fall short of your expectation.   

$ 194.95 - 1 device
Can be shipped to Ukraine


57 55%


29 28%


18 17%
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I have been using penimaster for several months and gained 1 inch in length and 0.5 inches in girth. I wear it at home and even at work.


I am happy that I decided to buy this product. It causes no damages and it's very comfortable to use. And, of course, the results are great!


I used this extender for 11 months and gained 1,5 inch in length and 0,5 inch in girth. The head of the penis also enlarged.I also can last longer and my performance improved.

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