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Jes Extender

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Today, a reliable and fair company that manufactures safe and effective penis enhancement devices is quite a difficult task. A lot of them use low-quality and untested materials, and produce fakes to make money. But you should not risk your health, and you should trust only verified facts (clinical certificates, medical documents, reliable customers’ reviews, doctors’ recommendations and others).


And you have found the place where you can get assistance and support in improving your sexual health and choosing a male enhancement product. In this article, we will consider Jes Extender penis device and make our conclusions about its work and effects.


What Jes Extender Is


Jes Extender


Jes Extender is a penis device that increases the size of the penis by using a non-surgical traction method. This allows men to enlarge their manhood with no risks and enormous money expenses. The device is manufactured by DanaMedics, the company which has been working in the male enhancement industry since 1995. Its business philosophy is to make safe and comfortable products based on clinical and proven studies and researches.

With its long experience and thousands of customers, the company offers them:


  1. Longer, fuller and stronger penis;
  2. Reduced penile curvature;
  3. Higher sexual performance;
  4. Increase male self-confidence and self-esteem.


How Jes Extender Device Works


How Jes Extender Works

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This penis enlargement device uses the traction method to keep all its promises. Penis traction enlargement is a technique clinically proven to increase the size of the male genitalia naturally. It ensures constant stretching by applying a gentle force along the shaft of your penis and results in natural cell division in the corpora cavernosa (two chambers that hold blood during erections). During the healing process, cells get restored and become stronger. The more cells your erectile tissue includes, the larger penis you have. Also, the increased corpora cavernosa can accumulate more blood, and you experience firmer and stronger erections.


This traction method is often preferred to male enhancement surgeries as it is approved by doctors and can make your manhood larger without any hazards. And the results offered by the traction device are better and more permanent than those achieved during surgeries.


Men who are suffering from Peyronie’s disease(curved penis) can also use Jes Extender. Peyronie’s disease is a connective tissue disorder when a fibrous plaque is formed along the shaft of the penis and causes different sexual problems in men.  When you apply the extender to combat penile curvature, the constant force stimulates cell division (as described above) resulting in an increase of healthy tissues and opposing the contraction force of collagen (that is present in the plaque in high amounts).


The DanaMedical study showed that the plaque disappeared in 26% of participants and reduced in 69% in seven months of regular traction.



  Pre-treatment 3 months 6 months
Curvature angle (º) 49.8 (27-63) 37.4 (18-54) 28.7 (5-48)
Size of plaque (cm) 2.35 1.77 1.15
Length in flaccidity (cm) 9.78 12.1 13.1
Length in erection (cm) 14.4 (10-19) 15.3 16.5



study results


Thus, we can say that Jes Extender as a traction device can increase the size of the penis, reduce curvature angle, and enhance the quality of erections.


How it works


1 month

3 months


+0.2 inches to your penis length
+3% to your penis girth



+ 0.7 inches to your penis length
+10% to your penis girth


6 months

12 months


+ 1.5 inches to your penis length
+20% to your penis girth



+3 inches to your penis length
+35% to your penis girth

 Official Site

This penis extender is easy and simple to use. When you make your order, you receive the detailed instruction manual, and it takes several minutes to understand how you should wear the extender. The product is small and comfortable so you can use it wherever and whenever you want. It fits loose pants, shorts and other clothes you prefer.


If your job is not related to physical activities, you can wear the device during the day to gain the highest effect.  You may try to sleep with it, but the extender can cause discomfort as you turn from side to side and do not control your emotions.


There is no any certain treatment process – you can plan it individually based on your possibilities and desires. You decide how long you wear the extender and what force you want to apply. But you should remember that stretching is easy but requires some time and dedication. The more you wear the device, the higher effect you experience. Your penis continues becoming larger as long as you wear it. Some users have reported adding 2, and 3 inched in length. But if you are a beginner in penis enlargement, you should not apply high tension; otherwise, you may feel discomfort and pain.


Jes Extender goes with enhancement exercises, which can help you achieve what you want faster. The product is developed to fit the penises of all sizes and both circumcised and non-circumcised men.

Don’t worry you get erected when your penis is in the device. It can adjust to your erection angle or slide down. You can continue traction when your penis becomes flaccid.


Bottom Line



Jes Extender has the 20-year long history with successful stories, excellent enlargement results, and safe outcomes. They are proven by hundreds of testimonials and exciting reviews of men who have used the device for months or years.


You can choose among six different packages that offer the same functionality and performance, but different sets of accessories, packs and warranty periods. You will pay from approx.  $200 (€ 179) to $1,120 (€1,000) for an edition you choose.


Some may say that the price is too high, but when you experience higher pleasure and satisfaction, it is worth paying it. Just look at before and after pictures to make sure Jex Extender works


The company is so sure that the extender works that offers a double refund if no gains are achieved. You will also receive a 1-year to lifetime warranty depending on a package you purchase.


If you want to enjoy your larger penis, firmer erections, and stronger health, you are recommended buying Jes Extender.



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I have tried different penis extenders, but Jes extender is the best one. I gained an 1.5 inch in 6 months. Nothing helped me that fast


I have been using this penis extender for 4 months now. At the first time I wear extneder just 2-3 hours a day and then I gradually extended the time to 6 hours a day. I use it with a condom.


Thanks for such amazing product! Jes Extender changd my life completely. Now I'm more ocnfident in bed.


It is really very effective penis enlargement device. I gained 1 inch after 2 months of using Jes extender.

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