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Detailed review of Advanced Pro Plus

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Advanced Pro+


Modern men are a lot different compared to men, who lived a century ago, but it seems that there are some things, that makes them quite similar. Namely, it looks like men have always been worried about a few things – hair loss, body height, and the size of the penis. Two of these concerns can be corrected – hair loss and the size of the penis.


There are many men, who believe that their penis is small. However, in many cases, their penis has average size. But, this doesn’t mean that they should stop looking for methods, that can help them increase the size of their penis. On the contrary, there are many safe and simple solutions, that can help people enlarge their penis. It’s worth mentioning that not all of these methods provide the same results and some of them bring results faster than the others. There are also many penis enlargement options, which are quite expensive. Some of them, like surgery, can be painful and require long recovery time. Something like this can affect your sexual life. This is one of the main reasons, why so many men are turning to penis pump as the most convenient solution. With so many penis pumps in the market, it is quite easy to get confused. So, if you are interested in buying a device like this, keep reading reviews. This review is dedicated to Advanced Pro+ penis pump.


How does Advanced Pro+ work?


Every experienced manufacturer in the field of penis pumps knows that to create a fully functional penis pump, that provides significant results, the team must perform research and evaluation of the concepts for many months. This is exactly what the creators of this successful device were doing. The creator is Size Max, a company that has developed the famous Vacuum Penis Extender System. In this case, they have improved and updated the product, creating a hybrid of an extender and vacuum penis pump, known as Advanced Pro+. This device can maximize the growth of the penis and provide comfort during this unique process.


The advanced Pro+ pump can be placed on the penis quickly, and it can be worn without any discomfort of the emergence of pain for up to 60 minutes at any time of the day. The comfort you get doesn’t affect the rate of growth, which means that you will still witness some great results. So, whenever you place the pump on the penis, you will create negative pressure or vacuum in the so-called suction band. This vacuum keeps the glans safe from slipping out. At the same time, the device makes the glans and the penis in general grow. As you can see, this is not a unique approach, but it certainly includes some innovative solutions.


Advanced Pro+ parts and their role


Advanced Pro+ penis extender base


It is the unique parts of this device that make Advanced Pro+ special. One of the most important elements is the penis extender base, which includes support extension bars. In other words, the base is here to keep the penis stable and to avoid uneven growth of the penis.


Next, there is a joint nut, which acts as a connecting base and also as extension bars. Thanks to its excellent mobility (it turns up to 90 degrees), it provides comfort and ease of use. The joint bolts are at the connect base and at the extension bars. They must be unscrewed, connect the extension bars.


The Advanced Pro+ penis pump comes with extension bars in three different sizes – 0.5, 2 and 4 centimeters. The good news is that it is very simple to adjust these bars. There is also a drawbar, that is used for adjustment of the power of springs. On the other hand, the fixing bolt is here to connect the drawbar to the spring tube.


The springs create tension and traction in this area, while the springs fixing bolts make this tension permanent.


Furthermore, the vacuum tube is here to expand the girth with vacuum and keep stable pressure, while supporting the growth of cells in the penis, which ultimately leads to girth growth. The safety valve guarantees that the pressure will remain safe during this process and it can release unwanted pressure when requested.


Joint nut


Finally, we should mention the girth fixing band, which keeps the pressure in a vacuum tube and the spring power index. This index has 13 levels that reflect the spring power. You should use this chart to adjust the device to fit your penis in the best way. The level you select depends on the current size of the penis.


What does the package include?


Besides the assembled extender and vacuum pump, which are obviously the main parts of this package, users will also get few other useful things. First and foremost, there is a CD manual, which includes everything you need to know about this product. You will get detailed information about the use of this device and explanation about the effects.


The package also includes six pieces of silicon fixing bands, 12 pieces of extension bars in different sizes, and one lube.


Advantages of using Advanced Pro+


Advanced Pro+ is a penis enlargement device that relies on the basic principles of modern penis pumps and extenders. It also includes some unique combinations of pump and extender parts for ultimate results.


Generally speaking, using Advanced Pro+ is not very challenging, and the use of this device doesn’t lead to pain, discomfort or any side effects. The device provides a constant increase in the size of the penis regarding length and girth.


Disadvantages of using Advanced Pro+


Advanced Pro+


Some users claim, that you can find much cheaper penis enlargement devices, but others say that the results that Advanced Pro+ brings make it a smart investment.




Advanced Pro+ uses the best things from penis pumps and penis extenders and mixes them into one unique and efficient penis enlargement device. Dozens of users have confirmed the benefits of this device. 

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